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Home saunas are wonderful rooms that offer a multitude of benefits, from improving health to relieving stress. Though like any room in your home, it will require cleaning. Thankfully home saunas tend to be small, so this chore won’t take much time at all.

Saunas are a very warm environment, and with hot steam you won’t to buy expensive anti-bacterial sprays or other forms of disinfectants. Even if you are worried about any germs within your sauna, chemicals like these tend to seep into the wood, releasing vile fumes with every reheating of your sauna, and making your room nearly unusable.

When cleaning your sauna, stick to the basics.

Fill a bucket or large bowl with warm, soapy water. With a soft cloth, gently scrub the wood, removing sweat, hair, and dry skin particles. Then simply rise with cool water. Be mindful not to use chemicals with strong smells, such as ammonia or bleach, as these will not only release toxic gases into the air, but turn your wood a dull gray color.sauna_clean_2194_2

Draping towels across the sauna benches during use will help prevent sweat stains from forming in the wood. This will not only keep your sauna looking great, but save you a lot of time and effort spent maintaining your sauna. If you do find severe discoloration or strains, sand the discolored area and then retreat it to make it more resistant to the warm, damp environment.oanh1

After the hard work is done, sit and relax in your home sauna. You deserve it!

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