Wooden Steam Foot Sauna

This wood Foot fumigation bucket is a specially design for people taking care of the foot. The Target users are people who are Long time standing, Long distance walking, or with leg disease. It can ease tiredness, stimulate blood circulation and cure leg disease.

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  • Features
  • Specifications

  • - Eliminate stress, fatigue, toxins and heavy metals out off the body
  • - Provide more oxygen for the skin
  • - Improve mental system
  • - When you tired, when you back from work, before slip, foot steam and massage will be the best choice for relaxing--And will help you have a good sleep.
  • - Regulate and Inhance blood circulation
  • - You will look beautiful after use several months.

  • - Material: pine
  • - Functional design for different positions
  • - Be specially suitable for those stands, walks or have leg disease.

  • Dimension:
  • - Height: 60 cm
  • - Diameter of barrel's mouth: 40 cm
  • - Diameter at the bottom of barrel:  30 cm

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