Wooden Steam Foot and Buttock Sauna XHN-02

This wooden steam foot and buttock sauna uses natural herbals for steaming which delivers gentle foot and buttock care, relaxes and rests tired feet, helps you sleep better, brings more oxygen to blood vessels and so on. Actually, it's a perfect remedy to give a better health for users.  

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  • Foot steaming
  • - Help sleep better
  • - Eliminate the fatigue and stress
  • - Stimulate blood circulation and relief artntitis and rheumatism
  • Buttock steaming
  • - Clean the uterus: eliminate toxins, prevent vulvar from itching and promote disease resistance.
  • - Revitalize uterus area
  • - Tighten and restore elasticity for uterus area after birth
  • Soaking foot
  • - Soaking foot in warm water in 380C - 430C temperature. It's highly recommended soaking for 30-45 minutes, once a day.
  • - Help sleep better and improve high blood circulation
  • - Combine soaking with salt so that minerals will be absorbed quickly into the foot to treat joint pain.

  • - Using natural herbs and therapy for steaming
  • - The heat combining with herbal's ion affects directly on treatment areas which stimulates circulation.
  • - Have up to 3 functions in 1 product: foot steaming, buttock steaming and soaking foot.

  • This set includesv 4 parts:
  • - Wood foot masssager roller
  • - Wooden barrel
  • - Tabouret
  • - Steam heater

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