Wooden Massage Table

- Our professional wooden tables has been  designed for facial and body treatment.
- This massage table simply allows you to sit your client up much higher than most tables on the market.
- With height from 69cm – 85cm, the table will suit anyone.
- Most of massage tables also features a removable and adjustable face cradle with a face hole and arm rest.
- The high density foam ensures maximum comfort.
- The oil and waterproof vinyl surface allows easy cleaning.
- It’s sturdy aluminium frame structure allows the table to support up to 250kg.

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Wood Massage Table
- Heavy duty capicity.
- Upholstered with vinyl for durability and stain resistance
-  Back adjustable.
- The table has widening armrests and soften lower armrest.
- Angle and height of the headrest are both adjustable.
- Suitable for hotel, health club, beauty saloon, hospital and massager school.

-       Pillow can be removed
-      Breathing hole available

For beauty massage and therapy massage
-          Table frame : wooden frame
-          colors: Optional
-          Size : Optional
-          Material: PVC/PU,metal,wood,high destination foam

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