Wooden foot tub

Wood provide a natural insulating value which can not  be found in plastic or acrylic soak barrels. the high insulation value ensures consistent temperatures during a soak treatment.
- Made of solid cedar wood or pine wood and re-enforced by three electroplated iron wraps for durability and applied with black or gold paint to create a rustic classic look.
- Matches with Salon, spa or home use.

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Wood provides a natural insulating value which can not be found in regular plastic or acrylic soak barrels.
Simply fill it up with hot water, soak your feet and legs in this plastic cask bucket and melt the day away in pure relaxation.
To clean, simply use a fresh towel with hot water and mild soap. Keep the cask clean after every use to ensure a long lasting finish.

Product Features:
- Fully rounded cask.
- Strong wooden style.
- Comfortable for large foot size customers.
- Handle all on each side for firm gripping.

Specifications: - Product dimensions: 15x15x10 in
- Barrel thickness: 0.5in
- Upper inner diameter size: 14in
- inner diameter size: 12in

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