Wooden Far Infrared Foot Sauna: IG 310

Home Spa IG 310 can solve the following problems : Rheumatism, rheumatism arthritis, sore waist and backache;  Crick, quadriplegia, osteoporosis, varicosity; Dematophytosis, abscess, eczema, bedsore;  Cold hands and legs.

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With the far infrared foot sauna you get relaxing, gentle foot care.  It can help you sleep better, relax tired feet, maintain foot hygiene and health and help those who suffer from arthritis.  It soothes and nurtures your feet with infrared created from an efficient thermal film.

The Infrared Wooden Foot Sauna delivers gentle foot care. It can relax and rest tired feet, soothe aching and soreness; and relaxation can improve your whole day.If you feel more relaxed, won't you sleep better? Be more productive?The Foot Sauna is part of a good hygiene and self-care routine, or a good adjunct to fitness and weight-loss programs.
Here are some Benefits of Home Spa IG 310:
-   The far infrared foot sauna uses only a small amount of electricity to bask your feet in soothing warmth.
-    The exterior is made of wood with a pleasing natural aroma.
-    The temperature ranges from 77 to 149 degrees F and the timer can be set at any time up to 60 minutes.
-    Soothing far infrared heat penetrates up to two inches deep and can induce sweating at higher temperatures.
-     The far infrared foot sauna is an ideal remedy for anyone with sore, tired feet.  This is a premier foot warmer.


- Five minute warm up time.
- Timer:  0-60 minutes.
- Temp Control:  77 to 149 degrees F.
- Dimensions : Width x Length x Height: 35 x 45 x 41 (cm)
- Approximately : 11 pounds.
- Comes with manual.
- Capacity: For foot.
How to use:
• Verify correct power supply voltage. Plug into a socket and turn power switch on.
• Position the Foot Rest inside the barrel to its lowered position for using the Foot Warmer in a sitting position. For use while lying down, with the Foot Warmer lying on its side, swing the Foot Rest down so that it also lies flat.
• Place feet in the barrel. Ensure the Foot Rest is between feet and any part of the Foot Warmer to prevent accidental burning.
• Set the temperature dial to the level that you desire.
• Dial the timer to chosen time setting from 1-60 minutes.
• When finished using the Infrared Foot Warmer, turn the power switch off, unplug the device, and store in a dry place. Never pour water into the barrel.
• Note: Those with high sensitivity to heat should take extreme care to avoid overheating, and in particular to avoid leaving skin in contact with heating elements inside of Foot Warmer.

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