Wood bathtub

Turn any bathroom into an eye catching spectacular with a high end wooden tub. The perfect addition to any log style cabin or a Spa.
Nothing feels better than crawling into a tub made of wood and filled with steaming hot water. Just lay back and relax, you're in a classic wooden tub.
Our wood bathtub with the highly resistant special varnish - It has been tested under the hardest conditions to optimal protect and ensure that the wooden bathtub will have a very long service life.

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- Re-enforced by three stainless steel metal wraps for style and durability
-  Made of solid oak wood imported from Taiwan
- Completely reversible so you can decide which side you want the headrest
- Pop-up chrome drain included
- Padded comfort head rest with chrome accents

+ Type: Freestanding
+ Material: Oak Wood, pine wood, etc.

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