Wax Warmer

- Durable material and construction ensures safety.
- This spectacular unit will allow you to perform professional wax treatments from the comfort of your own home or a salon setting.
- Convenient knob for temperature control.
- Size will accommodate standard wax containers.
 - Great for use in the salon or at home.

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Functions :
- Temperature Adjusting Dial
- Warms all types of wax
- Includes extra aluminum container
- Has a control knob which offers a low, medium, and high setting for ideal waxing temperatures.
- Metal container with a detachable handle.
- See through cover prevents wax contamination
- Variety type:  single wax warmer and double wax warmer.

Specifications :
-          Function : Heating and melting both depilatory wax and paraffin wax
-          Voltage : 220V-240V
-          Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
-          Power : 200W
-          Volume :800ML
-          Highest Temperature : 105℃
-          Temperature range :45-105℃ Adjustable
-          Shell material : Cold-rolled sheet with painting
-          Pot material : Aluminum,Electrochemical sand blasting.

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