Vichy Shower Spa Capsule ASD-A608

- Product name: Vichy shower spa capsule,steam spa cabin,Jacuzzi,water massage
- Product Model: ASD-A608 Vichy Shower Spa Cabin
- Dimensions: 208*80*115cm
- Material: acrylic

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Product details: 
1.Infrared Therapy : by using the far infrared,directly it can stimulate the skin in depth to accelerate fat buring ,thus achieving the goal of weight loss and reshaping.
2.Sauna : with such effects as skin-pore opening ,toxin expelling and skin is useful for body-funtion beautification. weight loss and body building.
3.Steam bath: it enables the ideal integration of plant extract and human body.using with chinese herbal medicine .it may also help complete the physical therpy for cure.
4.Aroma steam bath : with essential oil applied ,it creats a fragrant atmosphere,which may relax both your body and mind .and enable bath you to recover from fatigue and full of vigor.
5.Spray shower(Vichy shower) : with water columns spraying,it can massage every inch of skin ,thus enabling the skin to different repuirements.
6. Spectrum therapy : four different spectral therapies of red,yellow ,blue and green provide the efficacy of reducing the stress and relaxing and improving the skin condition for the human body from the medical aspect.
7.Music therapy : the special SPA music enables you relax both your body and recover from fatigue while listening to the melody.
8. Ozone sterilization : the full automatic ozone sterilization guarantees the usessafety and sanitation.
9. DVD,LCD control panel, operated easily.

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