Vac/Spray Unit

Helps achieve a thorough cleansing of the skin surface. Comes as a complete set. The use of this unit helps products applied to the face penerate more deeply into the skin.
The vacuum tool aids in the cleaning and removal of impurities and provides stimulation. The spray can assist in cleaning the skins surface and flush out pore.

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- The Vacuum/ Spray Units features work together to cleanse the skin and rid it of impurities.
- The Vacuum is similar to a miniature household vacuum cleaner.
- It cleans pores by suctioning out deeply embedded dirt and oil, while simultaneously giving your client a deep, penetrating massage.
- The spray is used to flush out the freshly vacuumed pores, thoroughly cleaning the surface of your client's skin.

The suction helps in cleaning and loosing the embedded girt, grease and other impurities. The suction also gives a deep penetration massage and draws blood to the surface of the skin.
The spray can assist in cleaning the skins surface, and to flush out pores.

Unit includes:
- Spray Bottles.
- Plastic Tubes (01 Set).
- Wrinkle Cupping Glass.
- Blackhead Cupping Glass.
- Straight Cupping Glass.

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