Thai Steam Tent

  • Thai Steam teepee a cotton with umbrella skeleton to hang on the cealing drop drown to the floor.
  • We creates a personal sauna teepee for your own pleasure of Thai herbal steaming at home. Use as part of your spa routine to help detoxify through respiration from heat while stimulate blood circulation, relaxation and healthy looking skin.

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  • - Thanks to the impact of thermal to stimulate the blood circulation
  • - Sweeting and impurity to relieve burdens of kidney
  • - Promote the metalbolism
  • - Heat and loose weight
  • - Whiten and firming the skin
  • - Release stress

  • - Take apart quickly in two minutes
  • - Material is durable and easy to clean
  • - Tent is spacious, airy and possible to put the chair inside teepee
  • - Elegant design, which make it suitable in bed room, living room and even the garden.
  • - Combining with hers to assist sauna process to provide welcome relief for overworked muscles or irritated skin.

  • - Material: cotton and wood frame
  • - Size after installation: 1800 x 800 x 800 mm

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