Tattoo Removal Machine

Applications : 1. To dispel the deposit of pigments on eyebrow , eyeline , lipline and other parts of body. 2. To remove all kinds of tattoos: black , blue , brown and red tattoo 3. To Eliminate the age pigment , spot , birthmark , pigment changes.

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The Tattoo Removal Machine utilizes a new type of Q-switched laser ( Ultrapulse laser ) The laser bombards the skin with high energy to remove the pigment of the tattoo and return the skin to its original color, with no scars.
In addition to tattoos, the Tattoo Removal Machine also removes eyebrow embroidery, freckles, birthmarks, and other discoloration of the skin. The tattoo removal operation is easy to perform; no anesthesia is required; and it causes no cross infection or other harm to normal skin.

Features: ultra-high, ultra-fast return on investment
1. No injury to hair follicles,normal skin with no scars and pain.
2. Short treatment time and easy to operate.
3. International standards of production on solid-state laser.
4. No general anesthesia when treating.
5. No effect on daily life with rapid recovery.
6. Top-Safety with Q-switch nd Yag laser to touch , emergency stop

 - Wavelength : 1064/532nm
 - Power : 1000W
- Indicator: Located infrared ray indicator for aiming the skin
- Type of laser : Double crystal switch Q/DKTP/YAG laser instrument
- Pulse energy : 510mj-1200mj (adjustable) start from 750mj ,
- Width of pulse : 6ns
- Frequency : 1/2/3/4/5Hz
- Spot diameter : 1-8mm (adjustable)
- Shot number : 600000 times
- Cooling system : Inside deionized distilled water circulation
- Dimension : 52*31*41cm
- Net Weight : 9kg
- Gross weight : 14KG
- Voltage : 110/220V

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