Swiss Shower

The Swiss Shower provides a unique shower experience, combining an overhead deluge shower with multiple showerheads surrounding the client. This is a worthwhile amenity to augment the water experience in your spa .
A Swiss shower has jets of water are sprayed onto the body from above, and also from numerous nozzles on the side.
Water from many needle-spray shower heads and high-pressure hoses (operated by an attendant), ranging in temperature from 45 to 105 degrees
This massage aids circulation and helps relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.

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- The Swiss Shower includes ten or twelve adjustable Body Jet showerheads plus overhead 12" diameter shower.
- The Body Jet showerheads are installed in 3 columns of 4 each to provide a stimulating, enveloping shower treatment.
- The system includes on/off and flow adjustment valves for each column of Body Jets and Overhead Shower, precision thermostatic mixing valve and optional hose.
- Designed for built-in installation.
- The adjustable stainless steel showerhead columns can be positioned anywhere on the surface of the shower enclosure walls.

- The assembly provides a large volume of tempered water to several banks of multiple spray heads. 
- The jets of water from each head surround and massage clients in exhilarating comfort,

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