Steam Sauna Room

 We Provide a mix of both wet heat and dry heat - with numerous features including a fully programmable steam generator, thermostatic temperature valve and hot rock sauna stove.
It's widely used for household bathrooms and hotel.
Functions: steam/ sauna/ shower.

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Function: 1 . Illumination system
2. Exhaust function
3. Remote control function
4. Pin-stick function
5. Computer control panel
6. Steam function
7. Temperature & time enactment function
8. Regulate water line shower function
9. Top water shower function
10. Vapor bath(sauna) function

1) 6mm tempered glass
2) Central showerhead & interior light
3) Exhaust fan
4) Handy toiletries shelf
5) Hand held shower on rail and adjustable for height
6) Control panel
7) Integral seat
8) Sauna stove (5-9kw)
10) Explosion-proof lamp
11) Wooden bench, barrel and ladle
12) Exquisite sand glass and thermometer

Detailed Product Description
- Specification: Optional
- Description: Sauna room with steam
- Size: Optinal
- Material :  aluminous alloy, tempered glass, acrylic and sauna wood.

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