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Steam rooms have become a common fixture in many relaxation spots. From spas, to fitness centers, they have gained acceptance, mostly because of the kind of relaxation they offer. But there are many more benefits of the steam room than just stress reduction. There are those who take steam baths because for medical reasons, such as those suffering from fibromyalgia and want pain alleviation. Then there are those who take steam baths for the beauty reasons.

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Benefits of steam:
- Quickest way to detoxify : the body has evolved four ways of getting rid of wastes and toxins in the body- through urine, sweat, feces and exhaled air. A steam session capitalizes on the body’s ability to sweat toxins away. With the average body containing more than 2.5 million sweat glands, the cumulative effect of sweating is a 30% reduction in the toxins that have built up inside the body. It is an effortless and practical way to detox, and with a greater degree of effectiveness.
- Boost immune system : A steam bath increases our core temperature, a phenomenon that is termed as hyperthermia. The most significant of Hyperthermia is the killing of harmful microorganisms that have invaded our bodies. They are not able to tolerate the raised body temperature, and therefore die. For those that don’t die, they are weakened, and the immune system is able to more efficiently get rid of them. This immune system boost is actually another benefit of taking a steam bath.
- A feeling of relaxation : If you work out on a somewhat regular basis, it’s important to have a steam bath every now and then. It will encourage a quicker recovery from early or delayed onset muscle soreness. The joints are also soothed, which explains steam baths are recommended for those suffering from joint problems such as arthritis.

-       While saunas use dry heat, steam rooms produce 100% humidity and warmth.
-       We build our steam room by tiling walls and benches or we can use aluminium benches,colour of your choice. Composite and glass are other alternatives.
-       The Steam generator is placed outside the room with the steam piped inside the room.
-       We will individually design and install a steam room that’s perfect for your needs and the available space. Depending on your preference and budget you can choose from a range of waterproof materials, such as  tiles, composite and glass.

-       Function: Steam bath.
-       Heating : Steam heat.
-       Material : Glass, composite, brick…
-       Electric voltage: 220V.
-       Frequency: 50/60Hz.
-       steam generator Power: 3000W.

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