Steam Generator

Relax and sooth your mind with the built-in steam generator.
This unit features a high quality 220v: 6kw, 7Kw, 9Kw
steam generator which will start producing hot steam in just under 2 minutes.
Can control the exact temperature of the steam inside the unit and set the duration of your steam bath with the built-in LCD control panel.

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-  The steam flows into the steam room within a few minutes of start up.

-  The size of the steam room determines the output of the generator.

-  We have many kind of steam generator for small to medium size private steam rooms or the larger domestic and commercial situations.

-  A powerful  fully automatic steam generator with a large water tank, which makes it ideal in public facilities.

-  Requires connection to electricity and water supplies.

-       Function:  Multi-functional.

-       Dual Control Panel: Yes.

-       Heating: Steam Heat.

-       Material: Stainless Steel.

-       Voltage: 220V.

-       Output, Kw: 5kw - 13 kw.

-       Branch: Amazon, Coast, Herva, Harvia.

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