Steam Bathrooms

Steam Bathroom is a steam room that has similar function and features like bathroom shower. 
A Steam Shower room's used as a treatments for a range of physical ailments, from chest infections to joint pain, or to cure illness, clean the body and also provide a sense of spiritual identity.

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- The steam showers are available in various materials such as:  acrylic, stone, tile, fiberglass and wood.
-  The heat source itself comes from a machine that works in it that can regulate the water temperature. So there is setting its own water, turning water into steam.
- The bathroom is very suitable for people who were luxurious and glamorous life, so that will give the impression of itself if you use this bathroom, bathroom steam.
- Steam Bathroom can be put in the bathroom with the usual good room arrangement or can be put in a special room.

Benefits of Steam Shower:
- Soothing tired and aching muscles also reducing stress. 
- The steam shower increasing the blood circulation, expand muscle tissue and release tightness. 
-  The warm air also helps release endorphins in the brain, which relaxes the mind and relieves mental tension.
- Help increasing metabolism and weight loss.
- Unclog pores and remove deeply trapped congestion from under the surface of the skin.
- Wet heat opens airways and soothes inflammation in the lungs and nasal cavity helping to shorten the duration of the infection. 

Components and Materials:
- Shower Walls, Back Panel and Roof are made of 6-8mm Tempered Glass
- Marble Like (Stone Composite) Shower Tray
- Removable Teak Wood Bench Seat
- Hand Shower.

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