Skin Scrubbers

Ultrasonic scrubbers are quickly becoming the most frequently used beauty instrument in dermatologists's office, beauty clinics and spas all over the world.
Technology has until now been unavailable to the consumer.
With this Solutions, you can now enjoy ultrasonic cleansing and revitalization anytime, anywhere!
Emitting high-speed ultrasonic vibrations, Skin Scubber gives tired dull looking skin that fresh from the spa feeling while providing a deep clean unachievable by conventional skin care methods.

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1. Ultrasonic Scrubber(Peeling)
The strong ultrasonic vibration that is produced at the top of the scrubber make the lavation water mix with sebum, toxic substances, bacteria, cosmetic residue, and so on. And then strong vaporization will clean the horny substances, sebum and so on.

The Ultrasonic Scrubber  improves the skin condition and softens impurities then gently washes them away, giving you healthy, glowing and beautiful-looking skin.

* Wrinkle Removing 
Recovering skin flexibility and softening hard protein and thus remove wrinkle.

Astringing pores and whitening skin
Accelerating the metabolism of epidermis and removing dead skin in order to recover skin flexibility and soften skin.

2. Iontophoresis:
Iontophoresis is a widely-used method by dermatologist. It emits feeble electric current to lower the skin barriers, and applies electrical repulsion to induct the nutrients of cosmetics to the deep layer of the skin. The skin Scrubber has adopted it for domestic use. By using the "- ion" mode, Vitamin C and ion elements of cosmetics can more easily permeate into skin, and the "+ ion" mode helps the permeation of mineral elements into skin.

Iontophoresis/Sonophoresis Pulsing Function: this device has been proved to have the effect in improving the penetration and absorption of topically applied products such as your favorite cream.
The Iontophoresis function is advised to use after the scrubber function, as cellular debris have been removed allowing the effects of Skin Scrubber to be maximized.


*Decompose melanin ,eliminate shading , deep clean: Promote blood circulation of dermis layer and metabolism of vein and lymphatic and release the toxins of deep skin.eliminate dead cells and help to product importing ,moisturizing and rejuvenating same time,nutrients from artery spread to epidermis,whitening skin ,eliminating shading and improve skin quality.
*Remove wrinkle: Recover skin flexibility,soften hard protein so as to remove wrinkle.
* Shrink pores and whiten skin:  Speed up the matabolism of epidermis and eliminate dead skin so as to recover skin flexibility and soften skin .

Body : 188 X 46 X 24.5(mm)
Adaptor : 80 X 74 X 28(mm)
Gift Box : 245 X 167 X 48(mm)
Body :124g
Charger 97g
At Charging :10VA Max.
Normal :5VA Max.
Blade Frequancy : 25khz appx.
-Using Time: 
Peeling : 5min. appx.
Ion : 5min. appx.

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