Single Door UV Light Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer 23L

This towel warmer keeps towels warm and moist for facial and body treatments. Reaches and maintains a temperature between 70-80 degrees. Fits approximately 20 facial towels.

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- This economical space-saver hot towel warmer keeps 24 towels warms at a time and comes with removable towel grills.
- Great for spa treatments, this warmer has is equipped with a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating.
- This Towel Warmer is designed with an easy open and close door with handle.
- Features: Equipped with a built in thermostat to prevent overheating.

- An internal temperature control so it does not over heat.
- A padded heating element system around all of the walls the entire internal cabinet for consistent heating of towels throughout the unit. This unit does not rely on bulbs to heat which burn out and do not provide consistent heating throughout.
- Very lightweight in case you need to move it.
- Water drip pan
- Maintains consistent temp of 150-160 degrees

- Size: 51*38*42cm
- Color: White and Bule
- Material : plastic coated steel chassis, and stainless steel liner
- Automatic Heat Control System - UV Lamp Sanitizes Towels - Removable Towel Tray Included - Capacity: 23 Liter - Inside Temperature: 160-175 Degrees Fahrenheit
-  Power: 400 Watts
- Rated Frequency: 60Hz
- Unit Size: 18" Wide x 11" Deep x 14" High
- Interior Size: 14 1/2" Wide x 7 1/2 Deep x 9 1/2" High
- Weight: 14 Pounds **Not for use with dry towels

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