Seat type hydro massage beauty spa capsule ASD-C902

The traditional Chinese medicine steam cabin is one capsule combine sauna with the medicinal bath. All functions make central processing by the microcomputer chip, operates completely by the liquid crystal touching key. Today, “humanist, return nature” in the robust tide, heads list of successful candidates, widely applies in the sauna leisure center, the health care cosmetology center, the medical service recover center, the hotel recreation center and the family health.

Product name: Aroma Steam Sitting Style Spa Cabin
Product ModelASD-C902 Red colour luxury model
Dimensions: 143×76×123cm
Material: acrylic

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1. Accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, anti-aging.
2. Cause body sweating, detoxification, discharge, and adjust the function of the body skin beauty.
3. Promote body fat eliminating breath, more She, molding perfect body.
4. Match with back, foot massage function, hydraulic muscle relaxation, eliminate fatigue.
5. Settings medicine bag, can undertake aromatherapy bath.

Function description:
1. USB interface: Feelings while listening to music, be physical and mental relaxation, relieve fatigue.
2. Shower: wash, rinse every inch of skin.
3. Steam: with open skin pores, heating the body, detoxifies and other effects. 4. Aroma: Selecting oils to make the perfect combination of plant extracts and human body, but also with Chinese medicine, the completion of curative therapy.
5. Spectrum therapy: red, yellow, blue, green, four different spectrum of treatment from a medical point of view, are the human body to provide stress reduction, relaxation, the effect of improving the skin condition.
6. Ozone sterilization: automatic ozone disinfection to ensure that our users health and safety.

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