Sauna Room SNR-031

Sauna room SNR-031 has elegant and advanced design favored by a large number of customers. By using heated sauna stones, the temperature in sauna room can get up to 50 degree to 750 degree centigrade to excrete sweat to get rid of the toxins from your body. As a result, it will reduce stress, relax your mental and support for a perfect beauty.
Sauna Room SNR-031 is suitable for Spa, Salons or at home.

  • Info
  • Features
  • Specifications

  • - Burning fattiness
  • - Eduction toxin&weight reduction
  • - Improve skin beauty
  • - Relax body and mind, relieves tiredness
  • - Elimination pressure, alleviates tiredness
  • - Enhance immunity and metabolism
  • - Increases blood circulation

  • - Using heated sauna stones to rise the temperature of sauna room
  • - Designed from advanced pine wood combining with transparent temper glass, high heated resistance and unbreakable
  • - The volume of sauna room is equivalent to power of steam generator 6W
  • - Cozy and soft lighting
  • - Sauna room accessories: interior light, CD stereo and etc

  • - Material: advanced pipe wood
  • - Capacity: 2 people

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