Runve Skin Analyzer Visual and Quantifiable Data

Runve Skin Analyzer adopts the state - of - art techonology "Bio - Impedance Analysis (BIA)" to take measure approach to skin care and provide the skin profile scores such as moisture, oiliness and dead cell thickness.  

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The easy three steps let you know your skin status anywhere and anytime

  • - Step 1: Take off the cap and press the button to turn on power
  • - Step 2: Please put the two contacting dots on your skin tightly and HL-611 starts to measure your skin
  • - Step 3: When measurement is completed, one beep signal appears. The LCD display will show the scores. Now, you can read the skin profile scores.

  • - Apply BIA technology for analysising
  • - Easy to care
  • - Easy to use
  • - Provide visual and quantifiable data of skin and reveal what mirrors cannot

  • - LCD display
  • - Method of measure: BIA
  • - Dimension: 85 x 25 x 13 mm
  • - Working temparature: 10 - 40 0 C
  • - Pịn: LR-44 x 1 pcs

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