Rose Massage Body Oil DAU-06C1

A fun blend of Rose Oil, Olive Carrier Oil, ideal for massaging body, feet, moisturing and tightening pores. The floral explosion of this blend also helps uplift spirits, relieve stress and awaken your soul after an exhausted day.  

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  • - Olive oil works as  a carrier oil to moisture and soften the skin
  • - Rose oil relieves stress, helps you sleep deeply. It also nourishes skin, has anti-inflammation property and tightens pores
  • - Rose oil leaves a pleasing floral on the body all day.

  • - Combine rose oil and carrier oil for massaging and nourishing body
  • - Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip top for ease for use.

  • - Ingredients: 80% carrier oil, 5% rose oil, 14% nutrients, 1% others
  • - Volume: 1 litre
  • - Origin: Viet Nam
  • - Package: plastic bottle

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