Rice bran powder

We use only pure and simple ingredients from the earth, that are good for you and make you healthier. We believe natural cosmetics should offer you, in the truest sense of the word wholesome personal care  !
Use Rice bran powder for:
- Lightens Skin Tone
- Makes Wrinkles Less Noticeable
- Nourishes and Hydrates
- Gently Exfoliates
- Controls Blemishes

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+ Rice Bran Powder is said to prevent wrinkles, quickly heal blemishes, absorb the dirt and oil from the pores, balance the natural oils in the skin, and moisturize.
Rich in Vitamin E (Tocotrienol),  B1 (Thiamin), B3 (Niacin), B6, and numerous anti-aging antioxidants, including Gamma-oryzanol.
+ Use Rice Bran Powder in milk baths, oatmeal soaks, and wraps.

- Rice bran powder is gently exfoliating and is a old Japanese secret for smooth, soft skin.
- It can be used with clays, nut meals, adzuki bean powder, milk powders, oatmeal, powdered sea vegetables, herbal extracts and herb powders for face mask and body wrap formulations.
- Rice Powder is made by crushing white rice into a powdered form.
- Rice Powder can also be used in facial and body scrubs, body wraps or masks.
- Rice Bran Powder contains alots of beneficial properties - it is generally aesthetically pleasing, making it a great choice for formulas that involve coloring, or are simply intended for a more finished look.

How to Use:

You can use Rice bran powder in many different ways. Below are a few typical applications: 
- Use as Quick Face Wash:
+ Lather soap.
+ Mix in 1 gram with fingertips.
+ Wash face as normal.
+  Rinse and Moisturize.
- Use to Deep Cleanse and Exfoliate:
+ Make a paste by adding few drops of lukewarm water to 1 gram of powder
+ Mix well with your fingertips until the paste becomes smooth.
+ Apply to face with fingertip, in soft, circular motion. Start from T-zone and move out.
+ Rinse and Moisturize.
- Apply as a Hydrating Mask: 
+  Mix 3-4 grams (about a rounded teaspoon) of powder with lukewarm water.
+ Apply mask.
+ Leave for 10 minutes.
+  Rinse and moisturize.

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