Revival Energizer Forte

Pleasant serum, with a new formula of AHA´s and BHA´s, which helps to blur the first sings of ageing skin like wrinkles and flaccidity. It improves the natural regeneration of the skin and helps to reduce the first signs of mature skin, wrinkles, expressions lines, flaccidity etc…

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Salicylic 2,00%, Glycolic 3,00%, Mandelic 2,00%, Lactic 3,00%

Apply daily in the evening after having thoroughly cleansed the face, neck and neckline using gentle massage strokes until totally absorbed. Then, apply the usual cream

  • Packaging:             Tube 50 ml
  • Type of cosmetic:  Emulsion
  • pH:                          3,5-4.0
  • Absorption:            Quick
  • Texture:                 Light
  • Indications:           Serum that includes AHA´s and BHA´s in its formula with  a  powerful regenerative effect

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