Resharping Body Mask with Algae – CM05

  • This detoxifying algae mask sets in a rubberized texture and peels away no need a shower. Fatty cells (adipocytes) are found in the skin's subcutaneous tissue.
  • Their function is to store energy. When there is an imbalance between calorie intake and utilisation, or in other words, when less energy is spent than assimilated, fatty cells increase in size.

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  • - The re-shaping body mask with Algae solves these problems effectively.
  • - Store energy whenever having imbalance between calorie intake and utilisation
  • - Solve the adiposity problem, as a result reduce cellulite.
  • - Reduce the temperature of surface's skin, tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation
  • - Enhance metabolism thanks to trace elements in Fucus Vesiculosus
  • - Leave a healthier and more energetic skin.

  • - Have a rubberized texture and peels away no need a shower.
  • - Contain Algae and other effective trace elements
  • - Case of application: detoxifying, water retention,heavy legs with circulatory problems, fat reduction, cellulite.

  • - Origin: Le Club, France
  • - Volume: 250ml

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