Pure Vitamin C 25% Serum

Pure Vitamin C 25% Serum obtains high content (25%) of  water-soluble pure natural vitamin C including in stable condition and natural extraction.  

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  • Benefit:
  • - Whitening and moistuirizing the skin
  • - Control excess sebum
  • - Tighten pore, improve collagen and elasticity synthetics.
  • - Prevent aging signs
  • - Control skin troubles
  • How to use: 
  • - Cleanse face, apply it after toner
  • - Take a few drops (3~4 drops) and apply on face evenly
  • - It's recommended to use night time majority, if you use it morning time please apply less volume. Don't forget to apply sun cream on top before going out.

  • Serum Peru Vitamin C 25% has natural extraction which is absolutely safe for skin
  • - Vitamin C: has antioxidant properties and plays an important role in preventing skin from dry skin and forming wrinkles. Also, it supports to synthetize collagen and elastin
  • - Methyl Gluceth-20: moisturize and soothe skin
  • - Glycerin: moisturize and construct skin's structure, protect skin from harmful factors of the environment.
  • - Allantion: has anti-irritated property, remove dead cells, stimulate growth of healthy skin.

  • - Origin: Korea
  • - Volume: 30ml

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