• Proteoglicanos Ampules 50 treats wrinkles on face, neck, dry skin, sagging and other symptoms of skin aging caused by the sun. Moreover, they also prevent premature skin aging caused by exposure to the sun and environmental oxidative stress.
  • PROTEOGLYCAN repairing power and Vitamine C pure (5%) offers repairing power and anti-oxidant and neutralizing capacity against free radicals and photo-aging.

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  • Specifications

  • - Moisturizing, firming, antioxidant and refreshing.
  • - Double effect:
    • + IMMEDIATE: It can be applied as immediate resource when it is wished to produce an appearance of smoothness and luminosity.
    • + AT LONG TERM: THEY REAFFIRM AND MOISTURIZE. Wrinkles gradual elimination by reversing partially the structural damages and retarding the skin aging process. This effect is especially remarkable at the level of skin aspect and mechanical properties.

  • - PROTEOGLYCAN repairing power
  • - Vitamine C pure (5%) has anti-oxidant and neutralizing capacity

  • Ingredients:
  • - 3% Proteoglycans
  • - 5% Pure vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)
  • Size: 12.00 x 3.90 x 9.20 cm
  • Weight: 92.30 g
  • Brand: Martiderm

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