Postnatal Care Set

The  postnatal care set contains 10 products :
- Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.
- Feminine Herbal Wash
- Herbal Bath
- Firming Herbal Blend Paste
- Abdominal Wrap
- Calming Herbal Blend Paste
- Boreh Body Scrub
- Coffe Blend Wash
- Herbal Massage Oil
- Herbal Tea

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From postnatal and condinement care to beauty, from rejuvenation supplements to products for the upkeeping of general well-being, there’s always something for every woman.
To ensure that all of Our products are extremely effective, safe to consume, easy-to-use and hassle-free. Our products are a manufacturing technique which marries the best of traditional herbs and ingredients with modern processing technologies.
Our products are processed by quality, natural herbs under stringent manufacturing principles. Because they are processed herbs, one can be assured that they are more hygienic, more nultritious and safer to consume as compared to raw haerbs. Unlike raw herbs, processed herbs contain no impurities or substances that can damage the body. 

Why should you choose our products:
-          Combines the best of Traditional Malaysian Medicine with Western manufacturing techniques to provide a natural solution for new mother’s body to heal from the inside-out in a balanced manner, hormonally and physically.
-          Made from natural herbs and processed with advanced modern technicology
-          Hygienic, extremely effective and safe to consume
-          Easy to store, easy to prepare and easy to consume
-          Guaranteed condidtency in quality.

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