Portable brushes machine

Circular Brush Attachments rotate to aid in the application of solutions and creams to the skin. Aids in exfoliation and provides a gentle massage action to the skin during application. The massage brushes that come with this machine are made with 100% natural hair bristles that provide a dense, soft, rich experience for your clients.

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1. Gently Face & Body Microdermabrasion Cleaning: Remove dead cell on the skin surface 2. Improve skin care product absorption 3. Improve blood circulation 4. Smooth skin texture, skin refresh 5. Suitable for daily use 6. Easier to apply the makeup (foundation....) on the skin to achieve nature and smooth skin texture.


  1. Gentle and suitable for all skin types.
  2. Brush rotates in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions
  3. Deep cleanses impurities away from skin surface and pores.
  4. Performs rhythmic and vibrating massage in order to relief stressed and tired skin.
  5. Help to accelerate and improve blood circulation and metabolism.
  6. Leaving the skin soft and smooth.

  • Natural Fiber Massage Brush Attachments Included:Variable Speed Control to tailor your treatment to your client's comfort levels
    • Large Brush for broad areas such as cheek and forehead
    • Small Brush for targeted or sensitive areas such as around or beneath eyes
    • Large Buffer to provide gentle exfoliation action to broad areas
    • Small Buffer to provide gentle exfoliation action to targeted or sensitive areas
    • Large Applicator Sponge expedites application of solutions, lotions, serums and creams
  • Variable Spin Direction to make your job easier as you utilize the brush machine on different sides of the face
  • Input :100-240V auto change 50/60Hz
  • Output:24V DC 500mA
  • Power:20W

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