Phyto Stem Cell Adenosine Booster

Phyto Stem Cell Adenosine Booster  with Phyto Stem cell and Adenosine contributes to firm skin and erase wrinkles. They also have functions to maintain the natural moisturizing level of the skin and optimize the skin's mechanic properties such as elasticity, collagen.

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  • - Intensive wrinkle and firming care
  • - Erase wrinkles
  • - Maintain the moisturizing of the skin
  • - Optimise the mechanic properties of skin such as elasticity, collagen, tonicity

  • - Not contain: alcohol, artificial fragrance, mineral oils, chemical preserves
  • - Caviar Extract to get the tonicity
  • - Sh-Octapeptide-4 for healing wound
  • - Sh-Decapeptide-7 to stimulate collagen
  • - Sh-Pentapeptide-19 used for renew tissue

  • - Capacity: 30ml
  • - Key ingredients: Phaseolus aureus meristem extract, Adenosine, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Lecithin

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