Paraffin Wax Warmer

1 Electrochemical plating thank to help melting wax faster.
2 Automatic temperature controller, easy and safe to operate.
3 Equipped with chamber it maintains the wax at a optimal wax application degree(65degree)which never overheats.

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-          Incredible quality at an even more amazing price.
-          Stylish design fits into any home or salon décor.
-          Perfect accessory for any professional salon or home.
-          Compact size helps you avoid cluttering your work space.
-          Automatic temperature controller ,easy and safe to operate.
-         Equipped with chamber it maintains the wax at a optimal wax application degree (65degree) which never overheats.

How to use :

1. Place the machine on a stable and heatproof table. Open the upper lid of the machine. 
2. Unpack paraffin wax and smash them into small pieces to fill into the machine to the line marked "MAX". Cover the lid for an invariable temperature.
3. Press ON/OFF to work. When the temperature reaches the point fixed, the pilot lamp is off and the machine will keep the fixed temperature. Keep the lids covered when heating wax.
4. After using for several times, the level of wax will drop to "MIN", more wax should be filled in to make sure the level keep between "MIN" and "MAX".
5. Clean you hands and feet thoroughly, take off all decorations, tide up your sleeves of pants or shirts. To achieve a best effect, you can apply your preferred cream on your feet or hands and massage them gently. Please note do not use heat-effected or heat-allergic creams.
6. Feel the temperature with some melted wax on inside wrist. If the wax is too hot, please wipe the wax with a brush.
7. Slowly dip your hands or feet into the melted wax container and then pull them out gently. Expose the skin for a few seconds until the wax frozen on the skin (till the surface of the wax is dim). Repeat the dip for 5 times or more for a best effect. The thicker the wax is, the longer the heat will be contained.
8. Wrap your feet or hands using rubber gloves. A better effect will be achieved if an extra pair of heat-preservation cotton gloves is applied.
9. Twenty minutes later (you can longer the time if the layer of wax is thick or heat-preservation cotton is also in use), take off the cotton gloves and then get rid of the rubber gloves, clean up the hardened wax on your feet and hands. It is advised to discard the wax once it is used because the dead skin will stay in the wax. Your feet and hands will turn on a tender and beautiful look after the hot wax therapy.
10. Turn off the wax machine, plug out the connector. Wait until the wax cool down in it for future use. After you use it for 40 times, it is suggested to clean it up thoroughly and fill in new wax for use.

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