Oxygen Facial/Body Machine

Oxygen facial machine is designed to produce high concentration oxygen molecule; then by special molecule technology to cause the oxygen molecule to take active gene; lastly at two atmospheric pressures, spray the nurture out to remove wrinkles and to rejuvenate the skin.

Oxygen Therapy :

- Oxygen Facial Machine uses especial technology to change oxygen that has 20% in air into 95% pure oxygen, then releases in 2.2bar pressure, inhales oxygen distillate to skin root by "no pain oxygen infusion technology". Skin cells gain a mass of oxygen and biologic energy instantly. It increases metabolism of skin cells. Then gains to the effect of whitening skin, removing wrinkle, spring skin, remaining young.

- Including: Oxygen infusion (Face oxygen infusion injector\body oxygen infusion injector), Oxygen spray, Inhalation & Aromatherapy (Oxygen smelling\pure oxygen mask or Cannula inhalation mask).

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-          Multifunction: skin care, wrinkle removal, lift-up, black eyes, and so on.
-          Provide a new project for large scaled beauty institution and offer upgraded beauty care.
-          Fast return after investment.
-          The best recover care after IPL/Laser treatment and perfect service to medical beauty institution.
-          A good help for home beauty care and daily skin nursing.

1. Unique inner air supply system guarantees the security and stability of air output.
2. Air output adjustments system accurately controls the output flow and pressure of liquid for different treatment parts.
3. Air switch easily transfers air supply from air compressor or medical oxygen tank.
4. The inner air compressor can offer 0-10kg air output pressure to meet the need of treatment.
5. Being natural, healthy and fresh, Oxygen & Jet treatment replenishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients and gives you a clean and tender skin.
6. Can put 4 different Nutrient admixtures together at the same time so that to achieve multi-function in a treatment time.
7. Simplicity and beautiful degign.
8. High purity oxygen ( over 95% ).
9. Produce highly concentrated active oxygen.

- Rated power: 350W
- Operating voltage: 220V/50Hz
- Oxygen flow rate: 1~3L/min
- Oxygen concentration: >90%
- Machine noise: ≤ 45dB
- Certification: CE

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