Omar Shrif Re20 Future Perfect Wrinkle Cream

This wrinkle cream is made with technique and scientific skill. Containing many powerful ingredients, this particular line of products helps strengthen derma and reduces wrinkles. It also helps moisture to be locked in to maintain skin’s natural balance of oil and water.  

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  • Benefits:
  • - Strengthen derma and reduce wrinkles
  • - Moisture skin to mantain its natural balance of oil and water
  • - Protect skin from the free radicals, which ages the skin
  • - Leave a healthier and younger skin, whereas provide the elasticity, gloss to the skin
  • How to use:
  • - Apply twice a day, both day and night.
  • - Dispense appropriate amount of product and apply on entire face and neck area.

  • - Ingredients: Adenosine, vegetable extracts, hGH (human growth hormones), and Silk peptides, Lecithin

  • - Origin: Omar Sharif, Korea
  • - Volume: 90gr

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