Omar Sharif – Whitening Body Scrub

Whitening Body Scrub gives the brightening effect and makes the skin to be sorft. This product is a self-peeling agent that is good for sensitive skin with minimize irritations but give maximum moisturizing.  

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  • Benefits:
  • - Gently scrub body to remove dead cells and maintain whitening effect.
  • - Give brightening effect and make the skin soft
  • - Clean sebums, control pore and give brighter and clearer skin at the same time.
  • How to use:
  • - After shower, apply appropriate amount of product.
  • - Massage gently until the dead cells come off, then rinse thoroughly with water.

  • - Have whitening ingredient including Astaxanthin which is extracted from sunflowers and daisy
  • - Be suitable for all skin types.

  • - Origin: Omar Sharif, Korea
  • - Net Contents: 300 ml

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