Omar Sharif – Whitening Body Cream Set

This whitening body cream set contains whitening body lotion, whitening body scrub, whitening body shower cream to leave a smooth and vital skin. This set promises to give the moisture and nutrition to prevent skin from drying out.  

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  • Whitening Body Lotion:
  • - Deodeorize body, soothe skin without irritation
  • - Reduce acnes
  • - Clean the impurities and whiten the skin effectively
  • Whitening Body Scrub:
  • - Break link between colour-cell and Katarin
  • - Remain the whitening effect
  • - Provide nutrient to heal skin quickly.
  • Whitening Body Shower Cream:
  • - High concentrated vitamin C will balance Tyrosinase to antioxidant
  • - Provide antibiotic ingredient such as Tocopheryl Acetale to protect skin from bacteria.
  • - Soothe and moisturize the skin
  • - Protect skin from UVA and UVB

  • This set contains whitening body lotion, whitening body scrub, whitening body shower cream.
  • - Whitening body lotion: is extracted from ginseng, bitter melon flowers, tea leafs. Its fragrance is quite gentle
  • - Whitening body scrub: has Astaxanthin whitening ingredient, sunflower and daisy.
  • - Whitening body shower cream: Vitamin C is extracted from leaves, bark of mulperry to maintain whitening.

  • - Origin: Omar Sharif, Korea

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