Omar Sharif Remedi

Omar Sharif Remedi is infused with a different active ingredients to replenish skin's nutrients, provide a boost of vitamins such as Vitamin 5, coconut oil, cassava and nutrients, and achieve a brighter, more revitalized eye look.  

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  • - Omar Sharif Remedi leave a vital and firming eyes.
  • - Provide vitamins to achieve a brighter and more revitalized eye look.
  • - Combine many nutrient ingredients to restore and regenerate damaged tissue.
  • - Solve some bad conditions like puffiness, dark circles, tired eyes
  • - Make eyes bruising, firming and being much vital.

  • - In form of Gel and Cellulose fiber
  • - The new fiber mask adheres perfectly to the contours under the eye for better penetration of active ingredients.

  • - Origin: Omar Sharif brand, Korean

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