Omar Sharif – Re 20 Anti wrinkle expert eye cream

This eye cream works to reduce wrinkles and all aging signs of the skin around the eyes. Alongside smoothing your eyes, it helps the skin retain moisture and leave silky feel as well.  

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  • - Retinol ingredient enhances the anti-wrinkle around the eyes.
  • - Some ingredients are extracted from grape seeds giving anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation properties to reduce puffiness.
  • - Common Bletilla extract brightens and stimulates to regenerate skin around eyes
  • - Play an important role to moisture skin and protect skin from harmful factors.

  • - Ingredients: retinol, silk protein extracted from silk
  • - Be suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes.

  • - Origin: Omar Sharif, Korea
  • - Volume: 30 ml

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