Olive Oil

Olive oil is by far the most universal oils used for a multitude of purposes including cosmetics, as an carrier oil, massage oil, for hair care solutions. It has a great moisturizing effect in body care without greasy and can be used in almost all applications because of its stable nature.  

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  • - It mainly hydrates skin to balance its moisture
  • - Be suitable for all skin types, help reduce irritation and inflammation
  • - Besides protecting skin, this oil supports to rejuvenate for glow and healthier skin
  • - Using almond for massaging, which treats muscles aches
  • - Using alone or combined with essential oils, massage oils for further effects
  • - Work as a carrier oil, which absorbs quickly into the skin, without greasy
  • - Add in softening hair/split end repair

  • - 100% pure olive oil, no preservatives or chemical
  • - Be suitable for all skin types

  • - Volume: 1000 ml

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