Oil Burners

- A very gentle and effective method of dispersion is Oil Burners.
- Although electric models are available, we prefer the simple lamps which use the quiet purity of the natural flame.
- Candle-lit lamps have the ability to gently exude oil throughout a room in a way that is not overwhelming or overly intense.
- The aromatherapy lamps can be tasteful additions to any decor and can be used in almost any environment - the office, a therapy room, a bedroom, family room, or child's playroom.
- Even hospitals are beginning to recognize the antiseptic and calming influences of aromatherapy lamps for patients and staff alike!

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Usage method :
1. Put candle inside.
2.Put water and essential oil on the top.
* One or more essential oils can be used at the same time in a balanced blend.

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