Oat milk Flour

A classic ingredient for skin care, Oat Flour lends soothing properties to Milk Baths!
- It can gently loosen, and even dissolve hardened sebum, and dead skin, allowing it to be gently buffed away with the help of a washcloth or body brush.
- It can also help to soothe irritation, and moisturize dry skin. This leaves skin with a fresh, healthy glow, so radiant that it just might win you that pink satin sash after all.

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+ Soothen irritated skin.
+  Soften and moisturize your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.   minimize scarring from acne or chicken pox.
+  Helps to relieve itching associated with poison ivy or mosquito bites
+  Act as an anti-inflammatory and prevent itching when applied topically.

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