Nearm Nano Gold Collagen Cream

Nearm Nano Gold Collagen Cream is a effective and safe moisturizer for face. The combination of glittering gold particles and active collagen and Axit Hyaluronic helps enhance moisturizing and optimal skin care. In addition, it also contains nano-particles (one billionth of a meter) colloids of pure gold particles to make the cosmetics easily to be absorbed through the skin.

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  • For Moisture and Shine skin
  • - Whiten skin
  • - Prevent dry skin condition or dehydration of skin
  • - Stimulate collagen, regenerate skin, enhance elasticity and anti-aging
  • - Tighten pores
  • - Reduce wrinkles

  • - Provide natural moisturizing essences: water, glycerin, aloe extract, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hyaluronic acid and etc
  • Gold nano particles that Support Beautiful Skin
  • - Nutrients are in nanoparticle form. Thus, these nutrients will be easily absorbed into the skin  that promotes healthy and  Rejuvenate your skin

  • - Manufacturing: Made in Japan
  • - Contents: 80g

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