Multifunction Skin Care Machines

Multifunction Skin Care Machines are A Must for effective, focused facial and body treatments.
Wheels make this unit easy to move around any Treatment Room.
These skin care systems and multifunctional facial systems combine multiple skin care functions into a single compact unit, such as facial steamer, magnifying lamp, vac/spray, galvanic, high frequency and Woods lamp, etc.
We have :
- Single function skin care machines.
- Multifunction Skin Care Machines: from 2 in 1 to 13 in 1 function machines.

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- Help you save money & time.
- High quality & sales service .
- Efficient & Health.

Main functions:
+ Galvanic / ultrasonic
+ High Frequency
+ Vacuum Extractor
+ Spray Diffuser
+ Magnifying Lamp
+ Vapotronic Steamer
+   Rotary Brush
+ Wood's Lamp (for Skin Analyzer )
+ Ultraviolet Sterilizer

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