Mini IPL Hair Removal Machine

Function of Mini IPL Hair Removal Machine NV-T101:
- Permanently remove unwanted hair on whole body and for all hair colors
- Reduce and remove pigmented lesions e.g: freckles, age spots, sunburn spots; reduce wrinkles; shrink pores, rejuvenate skin and enhance skin elasticity.

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Theory: It takes strong pulse IPL and bipolar radio frequency electromagnetic wave with special width-spectrum, selectively acts on target texture, to do skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, hair removal, wrinkle removal effectively. On treatment if 5 to 10 times than traditional photon therapy.
- Permanent hair remove
- Skin care , pigmentation treatment
- Lamp life is 6000 times for hair remova

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Operation Conditions
- Temperature: 5℃ - 30℃
- Humidity: 50% - 80% RH
- Rated Power: 230VAC, 50 OR 60 Hz, 200W

Product Specifications:
- Lamp: Xenon Lamp
- Light Source: Pulsed Light
- Energy Fluency:
+ Hair removal: 3.0j/cm² ~ 10.4J/cm²
+ Skin care: 1.8J/cm² ~ 5.5J/cm²
- Spot Size: 30mm X 15mm
- Wavelength : Hair removal: 470-1100nm - Skin care: 420~1100nm
- Lamp Life: HR: 6000 flash SC: 20000 flash
- Weight: 1.7kg
- Demension: 245mm(L) X 135mm(W) X 125mm(H).

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