Mini Facial Steamer

Provide a soothing steaming experience with our Professional Mini Facial Steamer.
It works wonders during facial treatments, using warm steam to open and cleanse pores.
And it's a breeze to use: the adjustable wand provides a convenient 90° angle and the thirty-minute automatic shutoff ensures a safe treatment.

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1. Open up the skin pores for deep cleaning the dirt inside .
2. When the vapor penetrates through the skin pores, it may soften and clean the grease, black make-up remnants and dirt.
3. The ozonizer which sending out ozone will effectively kill the skin bacteria, keep the skin healthy, soften the necrotic cell of skin surface.
4. Help the skin pores release toxin.
5. Activate the blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism of cells, better improve the wrinkle.

- Antibacterial Ozone function.
- Integrated aromatherapy compartment.
- Independent steam/ozone switches.
- Compact travel size.
- Professional design.
- Helps reduce wrinkles.
- Eliminates acne.
- Excellent price.

- On/Off switch with ozone.
- Easy-to-fill water reservoir.
- Adjustable wand provides 90° angle.
- Essential oil compartment.
- 30-minute automatic shutoff.
- 16" high, 4 lbs., 6 ft. cord.
- Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz, 220 V/50 Hz
- Power: 750 W.

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