Massage Oval Bathtub

Applying full body massage mechanism, you will absolutely get relaxed feeling when soaking in water with flavoured essential oils.  

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  • Specifications

  • - High quality materials with modern production technology to make it suitable for usage and preservation
  • - Safe drainer system and easy operation
  • - Combined bathing with natural materials such as minerals, essential oils, herbals to gently massage and get relaxed feeling
  • - Masasge directly on the skin
  • - Stimulate blood circulation and provide oxygen for the youthful skin.

  • - Contain many colors like white, black, cream... which are suitable with different needs and space rooms.
  • - Depending on many purposes, bathtub is made of different materials like Acrylic, Galaxy, Granite and so on
  • - Accessories: 1 water pipe, 1 hand shower, 6 jets, 1 drainer an so on.

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