Magic Mirror-Skin Analysis System AYJ-J009

Magic Mirror-Skin Analysis System is one of the advanced images analysis system in the world using digital images technologies via RGB and UV spectrum with more advanced technology and powerful function. It can accurately detect problems of skin like spot, pore, pigment, wrinkle and so on. Then this machine will deliver solutions for these problems to improve skin.

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  • - Diagnose Facial Problem such as: Spot,Pore,Pigmentation,Wrinkle,Acne etc.
  • - Offer a set of diagnosis solution and medical suggestion treatment for poor skin improvement.
  • - Helps to compare different skin conditions before and after care and treatment.
  • - Distinguish the quality of cosmetics, afford advices on suitable cosmetics based on skin conditions.

  • - Spectrum:RGB &UV
  • - 10 Mega pixels with 4-time magnifier
  • - Auto-focus
  • -  Auto-analysis
  • - UV Voice system
  • - 3: 4 Preview system
  • - Front slant window
  • - Support multi-languages

  • - Computer & Monitor:  Windows   XP  or  Windows  7 home version
  • - Dimensions: 47*47*54 cm
  • - Camera: 1:1.7'CCD   Digital Camera
  • - Electrical Requirement: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
  • - Monitor 1280X800 pixels resolution with Power cart: AC in 220v (or 110v  Switch able)

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