Magnifying Lamp

This magnifying lamp with stand has a 5 diopter magnification and comes with a sturdy stand that allows mobility and provides stability.
Like other magnifying lamp combination, this unit needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and the angles adjust in the same manner as larger units.
The easy-to-care-for white lamp with rolling base will fit any decor.

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Combines lamp with magnifying glass (includes 3 diopters), together with an optical Neon ring lamp.
- It is ready for multiple uses, such as repair works, everyday workshop use, cosmetics, pedicure and manicure, etc.
- Its enlarged views will relieve your eyes from prolonged labour, so that you will work more accurately with less effort.
- When used for manicure purposes, this magnifier allows 2.75 times magnification of details.
- For more detailed views, you can also switch to ring light for shadow-free lighting on the work area.
- 4 Wheels on solid metal base for easy movement and stability.

On/off switch.
Front shield to protect bulbs.
Rotates 180 degrees.
Arm adjustable up and down.

Specifications: - Colour: white
- 3 Diopters: 2,75 times or 275% magnification
- Dimensions: 82cm x 60cm x 175cm (W x D x H)
- Lamp Diameter: 18cm
- Length of two arm parts and supporting pole: 52cm, 48cm, 62cm
- Power: 50Hz/220V

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