Locker cabinet

- We present to our clients a wide assortment of Locker Cabinets, which is customized as per the specifications stated by the clients.
- These cabinets have huge demand across Spa/Salon and corporate houses, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals as well as hostels. The designing of the cabinets have been done in a manner that these can store various types of big and small files very easily.
- Number of Lockers depends upon customer requirement.
- 12,15,18 Locker Cabinets are standard , but we are not bind to that only.

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1) Resistant to impact, moisture, rust, water and fire, no mold and off-smell, easy to clean and maintain, durable, flexible design, various colors.
2) Various styles of cabinet can go with high grade lock, insert-coin lock.
3) Size and colour : Optional
4) Material : 100% Phenolic laminate /  Metal...
4)Application fields: pools, sauna and leisure center, shopping malls and the other commercial places

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