Lipo Magic

Lipo magic is a combined equipment using Bi Polar Radio frequency and vacuum function which interfuse RF heat deep inside of skin. There are 3 types of handpiece and separate the tip from handpiece so it is easy to clean tips.

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  • - Operating RF and Vacuum functions at once
  • - Bi polar type
  • - Dose not take much space with slim design
  • - Various suctioning pressure control function

  • - 4 types of rhythmical pressure
  • - Strong but smooth vacuum pressure
  • - Vacuum function separately
  • - Slim design : Does not take up much space
  • - Blue 435nm, Red 660nm LED
  • - 3 different size handpiece

Voltage 100-220V/50-60Hz
Applications Bi polar RF+Vacuum Handpiece (10cm, 6cm, 3cm)
Weight 20kg
Dimention (W x D x H) 215 x 300 x 1320(mm)

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